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SHOPPING LIST. The following stores are decorated in Suffrage colors. Shop with these:

DEPARTMENT STORES. Thalhimer Bros, Fifth and Broad. J. B. Mosby & Co., Inc. 17 W. Broad. The Cohen Co., Inc., 11 E. Broad. Miler & Rhoads, 509 E. Broad. Fourourean, Temple & Co., Masonic Temple. D. & E. Mittledorfer, 217 E. Broad. The Freed Co., 311 E. Broad. S.S. Kresge, 25 Cent Store, 429 E. Broad. Weisberger's 312-318 E. Broad. MILLINERY. The Reinach Co., Inc, 107 E. Broad. M. Creiehton, 113 E. Broad. Kaugmann & Co. 4th and Broad. Whitlocks's 115 E. Broad. JEWELERS. Schwarzsxhild Bros., Second and Broad. E.C. Meyer, 21 W. Broad. WOMAN'S OUTFITTERS. Dreyfus & Co., Second and Broad. FURRIER. C. Haase & Sons, Inc., 119 W. Broad CHINA, CUT GLASS. ETC. E.B. Taylor Co. 23 W. Broad. PIANOS AND VICTROLAS. The Corley Co., 213 E. Broad. Chas M. Stieff, 117 W. Broad. Walter D. Moses & Co., 103 E. Broad. TOYS Richmond Toy Co., 105 E. Broad. SHOES F.W. Dabney & Co., Fifth and Broad. Moses May, Sixth and Broad. Seymour Sycle, 11 W. Broad. CLOTHING. Jacobs & Levy 705 E. Broad. Young Men's Shop, 5713 e. Broad. The Globe, 613 E. Broad.