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4 Richmond

Adele Clark Richmond Donna T. Sheahan Richmond Mrs J S Haddick. Richmond Mrs. Alice O. Taylor. Richmond Va Mrs Hoover Dillford Jones Richmond Va Mrs Ann Greenwald Richmond Va Mr. Walter S. McNeill Richmond Mrs. W. M. Bickers Richmond Mrs Grace H. Smithdeal Richmond Miss Mae Schaill Richmond Mrs. E. [Groan?] Hill S. Richmond Miss Page Snelling S Richmond Emma E. Roheler Richmond Millie Rohlen Richmond Mrs. John Hart Richmond Mrs Wm. Meade Addison " Mrs. J. A. Addison " Mrs. John Robertson " Mrs A L. McClellan Richmond Mrs. R. S. Fitzgerald [conray?] Transferred [crossed out:] Mrs. T. T. Dabney Rio Vista Va Emily P. Jones Richmond Va Not a del. Mrs. Minna J. Livingstone " " Mrs. C. Barksdale Lathrop - Richmond Mrs James J. Pollard Richmond Mrs Robt. S. Crump Richmond, Va Mrs. W. R. Bowie " " Mrs Wm H. Campbell " " Vera Palmer Mrs Clifford [Cofirtue?] " " Mrs Myer Krish Richmond Mrs. A. L. Constath =