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On January 1st, at the Annual Meeting, Mrs. B. T. August was elected City Treasurer. Upon receipt of formal notification to this effect she advised that she would be unable to serve, therefore your secretary begs to report the amounts received by her during this past month for the credit of the League, also bills incurred: RECEIPTS: Miss Parker (City Expense) $1.00 Mrs. A. O. Taylor 1.00 Miss Jean Lucas 1.00 Miss Gross (literature) .25 Postcards (Mrs. Jobson) 1.00 Miss Ryland (literature) .25 Miss Barbour Woman's Journal (commission) .10 Mrs. Meredith (Woman's Journal) .25 Mrs. Meek (literature) .25 Mrs. Valentine " Mrs. McRae (postal Cards) 1.0 Norfolk League (Woman's Journal) 2.00 Mrs. Kate L. Bosher 25.00 $33.60 PAYABLE: 111.E.S.L. Bible and Women Voting 3.62 Hunter & Co. 3.11 $6.73 PETITIONS During the past month a large number of blank petitions have been mailed to members of the League with slip attached requesting their aid in filling same with signatures, and I beg to report that the Leagues that received their blank petitions during the summer, are now beginning to send same in. In many instances they are sending in copies of the signers, and where this is not done by the leagues, the secretary is copying same for a permanent office record. We now have in hand 3,551 names to the petition. Of these Newport News sent in one-third. Nine of the branch leagues have turned in their petitions, which leaves 30 leagues yet to be heard from, and also Richmond. Richmond has already turned in quite a number, but we are looking for a great many more. CORRESPONDENCE. For the city, I have sent out, under the direction of our president, 31 letters, and 1,047 postal cards. For the State, 92 letters. In order to satisfactorily reply to one of the letters for the State, your secretary had to take the time to make off a list of 1195 names and addresses, a work taking the greater part of several days. 5