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Headquarters Report. June 9, 1917. Letters sent out since February 13th, 3,058, postals 39. 571 packages of literature have also been sent out. Novelties and literature ordered during the month --- 2 copies Woman Suffrage Year Book, 1917 2,000 "Do You KNow" booklets 23 Samples of literature and posters 100 Correspondence School, Lessons. 2,000 Baby Fliers, "Not at Home". 125 membership cards have been received during the month, of which 101 were turned in to Headquarters by the canvassers during their work on Thursday, March 8th. Besides the membership cards, the canvassers brought in 781 slips showing that number of houses visited during the canvas, a very large number of the people visited have asked for literature in order to learn more of the subject before deciding exactly