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To the Hon [Honorable] General Assembly of Virginia Humbly complaining your Memorialist respectrully represents that at the Oct term of the County court of the county of Prince Edward in the year 1858 a negro of his by the name "Jim" was condemned to be transported for the event of Rape. We at the County Court of Prince Edward assessed her value of [illegible] with a knowledge of his [illegible] at Eight Hundred dollars that the gentleman upon whose [illegible] my tghat valuation was made assert that may would have valued him at Eleven hundred dollards but for a very large and ill-looking scar plainly visible on his throat. that this scar ws produced by the boy's throat having been cut by the [illegible] [illegible] bond of he woman alleged to have been [illegible], while the said slave was setting in Court in the prisioners box under the custody of the Court on twice - Memorialist [illegible] that as this injury was close to his [property?] while it was in the hands and under the protection of the Commonwealth the loss of three hundred dollars accouonced by the loss of Niver hundred dollars accouonced by the said would and scov on the throat ought to be paid by the state over should [illegible] ball upon [illegible] Memorialist. He further statesa that the inclavectual who [illegible] the wound in [illegible] once hopelessly involvent once a such against him would be utterly