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2 We have purchased and sold many novelties such as suffrage pencils, handkerchiefs, flag-postals, buttons, match booklets, calendars, balloons,correspondence cards, diaries, stamps, and pads, and suffrage pins. In answer to an anti-ad in the Times-Dispatch during the special session of the legislature, we put in a two-column ad, with our suffrage map marked with ratification stars, together with special data suitable for the occasion, and the papers containing our answer were placed on the desks of each of the Legislators. This same ad was carried by the Evening Journal, and Mr. Clover gave us a number of copies which we sent throughut the State.More recently still we have had a whole page ad similar in arrangement in the Southern Planter which goes to 60,000 Virginia homes-- especially to the homes of farmers. Much of our literature is compiled for us by our Chairman of Political Study and Research, Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, such as the Virginia Woman, Why the Federal Amendment for Woman Suffrage, Equal Suffrage and the Negro Vote and Twelve Reasons Why Mothers Should Have the Vote. Forty thousand copies of these leaflets were printed not very long ago and have been very nearly used up; Now we have two ore new kinds of literature, Results of Equal suffrage, and a folder called "Facts of Government which Every Virginia Woman Should Know, this letter giving an outline of study in civics which we are sure every suffragist will want to take up, Samples of our literature can be had at the literature table at the door. Reports of routine work are not very exciting, though when bulletins, telegrams, or letters have to be gotten out by the hundreds in a last minute rush, the work itself does not lack excitement, and is far from tame. Ida M. Thompson, Headquarters Secty.