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BUDGET. Salaries - Mrs. Cowles - $40.00 Miss Thompson - 30.00 Gas - 2.50 Water - .60 Coal (Per month for 8 months) - 21.60 Janitress (for attending furnace) 7.00 Postage - 15.00 Times-Dispatch - .78 Stationery- &e - 5.00 Phone (including telegrams) - 25.00 ($5,00 regular price) 6.00 phone Drinking water - 1.00 supplies for typewriter and Neostyle, etc. - 5.00 Extra letter writing - 5.00 Incidentals, printing, etc. - $25.00 $184.48 Say $175.00 Expense of the two-column advertisements appearing in the Times-Dispatch (89.50) and Evening Journal (50.00)--together with 150 extra copies of the T.D. (2.25)---$141.75 was met by Mrs. Valentine. Mr. Clover donated 75 copies of the Journal which were sent out to the new members of the Legislature. The 150 copies of the T.D. were used to circularize the members of the special session of the Legislature. During the session of the Legislature, Mrs. Kidd donated the use of a room to Miss Pidgeon who was in Richmond assisting the Ratification Committee working with the Legislature. Mrs. Houston also donated the use of a room as above to Mrs. John H. Lewis, Acting State President and Chairman of the Ratification Committee. 887