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asked him where his pistol was, he said he had thrown it away between this & Goochland. I also got from him a knife [cap bar?] & a [illegible] of powder. Went then & got the keys of the Jail door & went back to the prison part of the house. After we got thru, they closed the outer door & turned me around & told me their intent & object, which was not to put a person in Jail but to take a person from Jail, the one that had committed the [illegible] upon the girl on South River, that I should not make a noise & they would not hurt me. I [illegible] they would not [illegible] the door & take him by force. Two of them held me one of them took the keys from me opened the cell door & took out Jesse Edwards. At this time there was a considerable [illegible] of disguised persons from the front door into the [illegible] I supposed about 25 or 30, I heard persons talking outside a goodly number had drawn pistols in their hands. I begged of them not to open the door as I had them other persons when Jesse Edwards was