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equally guilty of the offenses these were charged with as Jesse Edwards was and they must not let them escape. The [illegible] me they would not let them escape. Then in form [illegible] in others came up [illegible] in the [illegible]. one or two of them called Jesse Edwards by name They [illegible] thought it him [illegible] & the doors was lached [illegible] him to the [illegible] & [illegible] off with him. [illegible] of them held me on the doors for some time after the most had left the front of the house [illegible] some ten or fifteen minutes & cud not [illegible] person in the crowd. Many of them was [moodie?] Two [illegible] with me the crowd [desperse?] & then blew out the candle & left. I [illegible] myself [illegible] the circumstances to a magistrate & to several members of the bar & they advised me to go to bed Thos L Perry