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Instructions Bureau of Navigation navy Department February 21, 1916

1. This certificate will show enlistments and discharges under continuous service; use one line only for each purpose. 2. The Bureau of Navigation will fill out the first three lines on face of certificate. The reenlistment officer will fill out the next line, columns 1,2,3, and 10, but not the remaining columns of that line. 3. The commanding officer at discharge will fill out the next line, except columns 2 and 3. 4. The marks and recommendations entered on this certificate will be the final averages and corresponding recommendations to those of the man's Service Record at discharge; the same scale and abbreviations will be used, viz: 0, bad; 1, indifferent; 2, fair; 3, good; 4, very good; 5, excellent; for column 7, EE, expiration of enlistment; MS, medical survey: SCM summary court martial; DisD, dishonorable discharge; BCD, bad conduct discharge; DD, death. 5. On desertion no entry of any kind will be made on this certificate; it will be forwarded incomplete with the Service Record to the Bureau. 6. A complete line will be used for entry of Letter of Commendation or Medal of Honor. 7. In the space, "Citizenship," the recognized abbreviations (U.S., N.U.S., ect.) and character of evidence will be entered, viz: birth certificate, naturalization papers, etc., and this entry will be signed by the officer who accepted the evidence. 8. An extension of enlistment will not be entered unless it aggregates four years, and such entry will be made only under "Pay Officer's Certificate." 9. Permanent appointments, seaman gunner's certificates, etc., will be fastened herein similarly to C.S.C. Carefulness and neatness are enjoined in making the necessary perforations and tying the cord, in these additions to this certificate. The instructions governming interlineations, erasures, alterations, signatures, itc., in the Service Record will be followed here. 10. On delivery to owner fold inside the filing flap.

Victor Blice Chief of Bureau