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American G. I.'s Have Squatter's Rights in Belgium [image of two men seated in front of a structure. On the left is a crudely lettered sign that reads "Shanty Blvd.". On the sign is a cartoon of a head and near the mouth is something that may be a beer mug. One may is holding some sort of paper. Behind them there appears to be a box with flowers. In front of them is a single bit ax embedded in the ground.

At Least It's Better Than a Foxhole - SGT. Robert Aiello of Providence, R. I., (left) and Staff Sgt. Robert A. Daley of Virginia, formerly of Wortendyke, relax in front of their new home built with the aid of Yankee ingenuity out of scrap and target materials formerly belonging to the Germans. Staff Sergeant Robert A. Daley above pictured is one of the quartet of Daley brothers now in the armed forces, sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Daley of Onancock, Virginia, formerly well known residents of Ridgewood and Wortendyke. In the service three years, he has been overseas with the Signal Corps two and one-half years. A graduate of Ramsey High School, he studied horticulture at Rutgers.

He left to enter the service in June, 1942, when the family was still living in Wortendyke, Mr. and Mrs. Daley moving to Virginia in December, 1942. In this shack pictured the men use an oil drum for a stove and straw for their beds.

James, the eldest son, also a Ramsey High graduate, is now in training at the U.S. Maritime Service station. The apprentice seaman will receive six weeks of basic training. he also studied horticulture at Rutgers.

Lt. William C. Daley is a pilot of the 56th Fighter Group i England which has destroyed more German [planes than any other fighter group in the Eighth Air Force, according to an overseas bulletin. The group, flying P-47 Thunderbolts in escort to heavy bombers, has destroyed 723 enemy aircraft, and has won the Presidential Unit Citation for "Exceptional aggressiveness, outstanding performance of duty and extraordinary heroism in action."

Lt. Bill Daley has destroyed one German jet-propelled aircraft on the ground. He was employed in the engineering department of Wrights, Patterson, prior to enlisting in the Air Corps. He is a graduate of St. Luke's High School, and attended State Teachers' College at Paterson.

Eugene Daley, the youngest son, is also a St. Luke's graduate and went into Navy training right from school. He took the V-12 course at the University of Richmond, and has been two and one-half years at sea, as a yeoman, 1/c on a destroyer in the combat zones.