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These pictures were taken in France, I think. [Three snapshots of a soldier and one of a naval petty officer in several different types of uniform. Between the top two is the image of the Allied Victory Medal above a strip of paper glued to the page that has a diamond pattern in three rows, with stars in alternating rows and columns, in red. The tape flanks the two photos at the bottom of the page and at the lower right is the printed image of the USS Missouri (BB 63)

[photo of soldier in summer service uniform. A black dog is standing with its front paws on the man's left hip.The man has one hand on the dog's left paw and the other on it's head. The they are standing in front of a stone or possibly concrete wall and on a pavement of large rectangular stones]

[photo of a man standing in a field with trees with leafs in the background. His uniform looks like a USN summer petty officer's uniform but there are badges or patches with rank visible. On his left shoulder is a circular patch which I cannot identify]

[two photos of the same individual taken out of doors. One appears to be on a unpaved road with over arching trees and the other may also be on an unpaved road. In both he is wearing a winter service uniform. No rank or other insignia is visible. He has a single row of ribbons worn on alternate sides of the coat.]