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TWO The Bayonet: Camp Lee, VA., Friday, March 22, 1918


Each Regiment or Other Unit in Division to Send Best Man Into Fray.


Completion of the schedule for an elaborate boxing schedule in Camp Lee, involving about 225 bouts, is announced by Captain B. R. Murphy, division athletic officer. There will be at least eight bouts in the finals. The total number of bouts, approximately 225, is on the basis that each regiment, battalion and separate unit, including the Depot Brigade, have one entry each in the eight weights--108 pounds to heavyweight.

Athletic officers in the regiments will select the boxers to enter the tournament in the various weights, if they know who are their best men, or if they do not know, will determine their representatives by fair competition. This throws the tournament open to all men in the cmap who care to try for the bouts, and is expected to bring from under cover a number of clever artists who up to this time have had no particular reason to exhibit their skill with the mitts.

After the eight men have been selected in each regiment--one of each weight--the tournament will go into the stage of contests for the champiomships in each arm of service--the artillery, infantry, trains, Depot Brigade and separate units. When the championships have been decided, the championship winners will go into the semifinals, which will be fought out in the Y. M. C. A. and K. of C. auditoriums April 2. The winners of the semifinals will then rest until April 4, when the final bouts will be staged in the new Liberty Theater.

No addmission fee will be charged at any of the bouts, except the finals. A moderate admission will be charged for the finals at the theater. "Smileage" will be accepted.

The schedule of preliminaries for the tournament, as mapped out by Captain Murphy, is:

Artillery. Y.M.C.A. No. 82, Saturday, March 30--Heavyweight, 158, 145, 115 and 108-pound classes.

Infantry. Y.M.C.A. No. 6, Tuesday, March 26--125-pound class Y.M.C.A. No. 57, Monday, March 25--Heavyweight and 115-pound classes. K. of C. Auditorium, Thursday, March 28--135 and 158-pound classes. Y.M.C.A. No. 58, Tuesday, March 26--175 and 145-pound classes. Y.M.C.A. No. 80, Saturday, March 30--108-pound class.

Trains. Y.M.C. No. 80, Saturday, March 30--145-pound class. Y.M.C.A. No. 81, Wednesday, march 27--115, 125, 135, and 175-pound and heavyweight classes. K. of C. No. 3, Thursday, March 28--108 and 158-pound classes.

Separate Units. Y.M.C.A. No. 54, Saturday, March 30--125 and 145-pound classes. K. of C. No. 2, Thursday, March 28--Heivyweight and 115-pound classes. Y.M.C.A. No. 55, Saturday, March 30--108 and 175-pound classes. Y.M.C.A No. 56, Tuesday, March 26--135 and 158-pound classes.

Depot Brigade. Y.M.C.A. No. 54, Saturday, March 30--125 and 145-pound classes. K. of C. No 2, Thursday, March 28--Heivyweight and 115-pound classes. Y.M.C.A. No. 56, Tuesday, March 26--135 and 158-pound classes.

Semi-Finals. For the semi-finals, the schedule will be: April 2, in K. of C. Auditorium--Heavyweight, 158, 135, and 108-pound classes. April 2, Y.M.C.A. Auditorium--1[illegible], 145, 125 and 115-pound classes.

The victors in the semi-finals represent the infantry, artillery, trains, separate units and Depot Brigade in the finals on April 2 at the Liberty Theater.

It is planned to have some boxer of national fame referee the finals.