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Name Joseph D. McCrickard Army Serial No. 34 600 569 Grade Tec 5 Years of Service 1& 4/12 yrs (on date of opening this book ) Insurance, amount and class N $ 10,000. Insurance premium, monthly N $ 6.50. Allotments, amount and class E $ 25.00 Compulsory allotments, amount and class $ [blank] Pay reservation, class A $ [blank] Technician Grade [blank] Additional pay for F/S (20%) 21 June 14 Person to be notified in case of emergency: Mr. Timothy E. McCrickard (name) Father (Relationship; if friend , so state) 308 Martin St. (Number and street or rural route ; if none , so state) Leaksville , N.C. (City or town, or post office) (State or country) Date of opening this book 28 May 1944 Joseph D. McCrickard T/S CAC (Signature of enlisted man. Name, grade , and arm or service only. Do not enter organization) Witness to signature by officer preparing book: [blank] (Signature - Name , grade, and arm or service only . Do not enter organization) (2) Changes Affecting Pay Status [blank] Casual Data Date reported or picked up. (Do not enter organization) Name, grade, and arm of service only of personnel officer or commanding officer 16--28144-1 (3)