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NOV 29 1920

forwarded use 

approved by W A S Faye

for victory medal with 

meuse-argonne St. Mihiel defensive sector

Army recruiting station Richmond, VA. Victory Button Braryl issued this date Nov 29 1920 W A S Faye

Enlistment Record Marvin G. Altizer Grade: Corporal Enlisted, or Inducted, Oct. 3rd, 1917 at Christainsbury, VA Serving in First enlistment period at date of discharge.

Prior service: * none Noncommissioned officer: Corporal marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating: expert riflemen horsemanship: not mounted

battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: Artois Sector 23 July - 18 Aug. 1918. 

St Mihiel offensive (corpo reserve) 12 sept. 16 sept 1918. Meuse-Argonne offensive 26 Sept 12 Oct and Nov 1-7 1918

Knowledge of any vocation: Farming wounds received in service: none physical condition when discharged: good typhoid prophylaxis completed Oct. 26, 1917 paratyphoid prophylaxis completed Oct. 26, 1917 Married or single: single character: Excellent Remarks: no absence under A. [21?] 107 Entitled to travel pay to Riner Va Signature of soldier: Marvin G. Altizer

agt. Off. [F S Frank?] 1st Lt. U.S.A. Commanding CO & 317 Inf.

Camp Lee, VA Paid in full including Bonus $117.30 H. A. Pittman Captain Q.M.C. By AK