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The mere contemplation of the overbearing and brutal methods to which people have to submit under a government controlled by a military autocracy--living, as it were, continuously under the threat and shadow of war--should be sufficient to arouse the enthusiasm of the nation in resisting any attempt to impose similar conditions upon countries at present free from military depotism. But if men have a duty to perform in the common interest of the State, equally the State owes a duty to those of its citizens who are prepared--and readily prepared--to make sacrifices in its defence and for the maintenance of its honour. Citizens called upon voluntarily to leave their employment and their homes for the purpose of undertaking military duties have a right to receive at the hands of the State a reasonable and assured recompense, not so much for themselves as for those who are dependent upon them, and no single member of the community would do otherwise than uphold a Government which in such an important and vital matter took a liberal and even generous view of its responsibilities toward those citizens who come forward to assist in the defence of their country. We respectfully commend this suggestion to the favourable consideration of the Government of the day. Long life to the free institutions of all democratically governed countries. Yours faithfully, The Parliamentary Committee:-- J. A. SEDDON (Chairman). W. J. DAVIS (Vice-Chairman). A. EVANS. H. GOSLING. J. HILL. J. JENKINS. W. MATKIN. W. MOSSES. J. W. OGDEN. J. SEXTON. A. SMITH. H. SMITH. WILL THORNE. J. B. WILLIAMS. J. E. WILLIAMS. C. W. BOWERMAN (Secretary). How to Enlist:--Go to the nearest Post Office. There you will get the address of the nearest Recruiting Depot, where you can enrol yourself. Who may Enlist:--All men between 19 and 35, all old soldiers up to 45. Terms of Enlistment:--You may join for the War only if you do not want to serve for the full period as a regular soldier. Then you may return when the War is over to your ordinary employment. Pay:--Ordinary Army Pay (minimum, 6s. 8d. a week, clear of all expenses). Food, Clothing and Lodging. Separation allowance for Wives and Children. Men are Wanted--Enlist Now. Published by the PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, 12, Downing Street, London, S.W. 3/9/14. LEAFLET NO. 3.