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MR. JOHN REDMOND : " I can assure the House that I am not guilty of the silly presumption of thinking that I can add anything to the force or eloquence of the speeches that have just been made by the two right hon. Gentlemen who have spoken. But I think the House will agree that it may not be altogether inappropriate that, in a definite way, I should be permitted to associate Ireland to the full with this Motion. Sir, in no quarter of the world, I feel convinced, has the heroism of the Belgian people been received with more genuine enthusiasm and admiration than within the shores of Ireland, and there is no compliment which it would be possible for the Irish people to pay to Belgium that they would not willingly pay, and there is no sacrifice I believe which Ireland would not be willing to make to come to her assistance. In this regard I am glad and proud to be able to think that at this moment there are many gallant Irishmen willing to take their share of the risks, and to shed their blood, and to face death in the assistance of the Belgian people in the defence of their liberty and their independence. "The spectacle of this small nation making these heroic sacrifices in defence of their independence and honour against overwhelming odds, appeals in a very special way to the sentiments and the feelings of Ireland . . . I have risen for one purpose only--that is, to make it clear, that with all their hearts the people of Ireland are in sympathy with Belgium in this matter, and that they are willing to do what rests with them to assist her in the maintenance of her independence."

The men of Belgium are fighting for the cause of LIBERTY -- Our cause as well as theirs.


How to Enlist: -- Go to the nearest Post Office. There you will get the address of the nearest Recruiting Depot, where you can enrol yourself.

Who may Enlist: --All men between 19 and 35, all old soldiers up to 45.

Terms of Enlistment: --You may join for the War only if you do not want to serve for the full period as a regular soldier. Then you may return when the War is over to your ordinary employment.

Pay: --Ordinary Army Pay (minimum, 7s. 0d. a week, clear of all expenses). Food, Clothing, and Lodging. Separation allowance for Wife and Children. Full particulars on Army Form B 218L--Leaflet No. 1.

Men are Wanted--Enlist Now.

Published by the PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, 12, Downing Street, Westminster, and Printed by Harrison & Sons, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.

6/10/14. Leaflet No. 2.