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No. Pages. 1 His Majesty's Army ... ... 4 [A leaflet (Army Form B. 218L) issued by the War Office, explaining the exact terms upon which men are asked to enlist in the Army.] 2 Belgium ... ... ... ... 4 [The speeches made by Mr. Asquith, Mr. Bonar Law, and Mr. Redmond in the House of Commons on the Address of Sympathy to Belgium.] 3 Manifesto to the Trade Unionists of the Country ... 2 4 Recruiting: List of Commands, Military Districts, and Regimental Areas ... ... ... 8 [A War Office memorandum on the subject.] 6 To the Men of Great Britain: A Call the Arms ... ... 2 [ Answering the question: "What are we at war for?"] 7 Who said "Enough"? ... ... 2 [Showing that the New Army still needs men.]