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To Welshman. The Sound of War is abroad in the land of Peace. We hate War with a perfect hatred; we strove earnestly for peace. We were driven to war, to uphold the honour and reputation of the Realm; against the violation of Treaties and the trampling on the rights of a small nation; "in defence of principles the maintenance of which is vital to the civilization of the world." Our very existence is at stake; but every class and every party are of one mind. The United Kingdom and the Colonies present one solid front. In this crisis we call for the valour of our manhood. We appeal for the gracious service of our womanhood. It is by effort and sacrifice that pride is subdued and selfishness curbed. All the quickened forces of the State are organised to provide against distress, destitution and poverty. Be of good courage; steadfast in faith. Fear God and fear no one else. Ye gallant sons of Wales--To Arms! Published by the PARLIAMENTARY RECRUITING COMMITTEE, 12, Downing Street, S.W., and Printed by HAZELL, WATSON & VINEY, LD., 52, Long Acre, London, W.C. W 1316 50,500 9/14