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Lewis Webb Geo T. Booker E. Riddick [F J?] Smith Tho R [Hick?] Henry W [Monder?] John N Gordon Randolph V [McCredie?] CJ [illegible] JW Drew Hiram Harris A [illegible] Wm B Tompkins [G?] Williams Wm H Brander Jas H Grant E H Chamberlayne John Mosby [Ben?] Sheppard Joseph [Marx?] J brooks H S [Mcalister?] W.D. Gibson Thomas Ritchie W [JcMorrs?] [J A?] Mosby [illegible] James Harden Wm R Robinson [illegible] J Crump R S [illegible] Samwell M Ratcliffe Tho Rutherford James Caskie Rn-6 I have known Nancy the wife of Wilson Morris for many years almost from he infancy & have no hesitation in saying that I consider her distinguished as a woman of color for her fidelity & affection for her late Master, White She was a slave, for her honesty industry sobriety & general rectitude in life she has ever acted her part with a degree of propriety & correctnefs which would reflect much credit on ladies of the first [raising?] & education in the country Geo P Crump I have not known Nancy as long as Mr Crump has but having known her for some years feel no hesitation in saying that I believe she merits the character given her by him. I had an oppertunity during the last & very [protracted?] ilnefs of her late master of witnefsing her [illegible] & dutiful attentions to him & of her skill patience & tendernefs as a nurse Herbert A Claiborne I do hereby testify that I have known Nancy Morris (a woman of colour, formerly the property of Francis Foster deceased) for ten or twelve years and during that time I have never known any thing disreputable to her character [illegible]