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State Officers entitled to votes at Convention. Mrs. B.B. Valentine, 2338 Monument Ave. (Boul. 785) Mrs. G. Hervey Clarke, 1815 Hanover Ave., (Bouu. 3299-W) Mrs. E.G. Kidd, "The Shenandoah", (Mad 4730) Mrs. S.M. Block, 205 E. Grace (Mad. 773) Mrs. D. Miles Taylor, "The Westchester", (Mad 5129 W.) Mrs. Edith Clark Cowles, 714 Chamberlayne Ave,. (Mad. 508) Miss Ida M. Thompson, 318 1/2 S. Cherry (Ran. 4670 J)

City Delegates to Convention. Mrs. Charles G. Boshar, 8 W. Fra"The Chesterfield", (Mad. 4510) Miss Cally Rylan, 837 W. Grace (Mad. 2941 W) Mrs. Horace Wellford Jones, 20 W. Franklin (Mad. 7485) Mrs. J. Hampden Chamberlayne, 3311 Grove Ave.