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Delegates ---Page 2. Mrs. John McComb, "Monroe Terrace" (Ran. 6156 J) Mrs. Robert Pollard, 2605 Stuart Ave. (Boul 2674) Mrs. A.M. Gover, Ginter Park, (Mad. 6479 J) Mrs. C.P. Lee, 2215 W. Grace (Boul 1829 J) Mrs. Joh, G. Munce, 2324 Monument Ave., (Boul 920) Mrs. Stuart Michaux, 926 W. Franklin (Ran 3324) Mrs. Grace H. Smithdeal 637 N. 8th St. (Ran 2091 J) Mrs. Charles Picot, Ginter Park, (Mad. 1988 J) Mrs. J.E. Cox, Ginter Park, (Mad 1403) Mrs. M.J. Fulton, Ginter Park, (Ran. 3816) Mrs. J.S. McRae, 2020 Monument Ave., (Boul 1300) Mrs. George Harrington, 2905 Gove (Boul 1209 J) Mrs. W.P. Adkins, 1630 Park Ave. (Mad. 6580 J.) Mrs. F.L. Jobson, 1504 Hanover Ave. (Mad. 6117J) Mrs. Wilton Marcuse, "The Jefferson", (Mad 1478) Mrs. A. Greenwand, 509 A North Meadow, (Boul 2346 J) Mrs. Wm. H. Schwartzchild, 2710 Monument Ave. (Boul 1023) Mrs. Moses May, "The Beauvoir", (Boul 894 J) Mrs. M. Kirsh, 2005 Monument (Boul 1720) Miss Lucy Mason, 7N. 2nd St., (Mad 7663)