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Henrico Suffragists Registered at Headquarters

Brook Hill-- Mrs. E. E. Osgood Rev. E. E. Osgood J. R. McCandles Elmer F. Affeldt Mrs. Elmer F. Affeldt.

Como Springs--- Mrs. S. G Hawks, (RFD 3)

Dumbarton------Mrs. J. R. Ladd (RFD 1) B. A. Childrey E. L. Kay (RFD 1) Chas. W. Childrey James R. Ladd (RFD 1) Mrs. E.F. Schultz Chas. O. Bunt (or possibly Burch) Mrs. J. W. Butler F. W. Nelson Ada Smith Thomas Addison (Possibly not there now) Mrs. Frances Addison (" " " ") Mr. H. Zaun (RFD 1) J. W. Butler Miss Anne Childrey Miss Lottie Lee Thorpe Chas. S. Wertz Mrs. M. E. Warburton Mrs. A. M. Warburton Miss Susie Warburton (RFD 1)

Elko---------Joseph Stemck Pearle Hall M. Sochor

Glen Allen -----Miss Maude Trevvett Mrs. G. W. Abbott Miss Carrie Atkisson Mrs. T. M. Charles (RFD 2) Mrs. M. L. Duggins Mr. S. E. Duggins Mrs. H. P. Gouldman (RFD 2) Dr. E. Guy Hopkins Mrs. E. Guy Hopkins Mrs. Virginia C. Jones Miss Bertha A. Nash (RFD) Mrs. Charles Tinsley (RFD 2) Miss Lucy B. Tinsley (RFD 2) S. S. Trevvett Mrs. J. E. Broaddus Mrs. W. C. Saunders

Highland Springs- Mrs. Hattie Wolfe (Pres. W. C. T. U.) Mrs. D. M. Welch Mrs. Emma Owens Miss Kristine A. Tolusek D. M. Welch H. T. Rainey Mrs. Mary A. Higgins Mrs. J. A. Adams Mrs. P. F. Broaddus C. F. Hollis Mrs. R. H. Smith