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(Henrico County Continued)

Highland Springs-- Continued---Miss Agnes Weigand C. M. Davidson Mrs. M. Belle Turner Dr Roupe

Rio Vista---Mrs. S. Walter Grant M. J. Schwartz C. H. Thompson Mrs. O. N. Russ Miss Frances Russ J. F. Shaw Mrs. U. M. Councill (Living in Richmond this Winter) E. R. Leary Mrs. W. H. Dennis L. P. Michaels Elise Dabney Mrs. T. T. Dabney Mr. T. T. Dabney Mrs. B. O. Eanes Mrs. Walter Beckett Mrs. A. F. Kinney Lewis W. Clarke R. B. Baughan G. N. Williams Gladys Pemberton Mrs. A. S. Weaver Alice C. Healy Leo F. Williams Miss Mary Pilkinton Mrs. Marie Anthony Jones

School--Marguerite Pope M. W. Pope Miss A. L. Pope Miss L. G. Pope

Westhampton--Mrs. Isaac Cohen Mrs. J. A. Brooks Mrs. Charles L. Ruffin (RFD 2) Dora Ashley Taylor Mrs. Hugh Yarborough Mrs. Eugene B. Sydnor

RFD--Richmond--- J. H. Chaffin (RFD 5) Miss A. M. Dunlop (RFD 7) Mrs. J. B. Dowden (RFD 3) Mrs. E. Mulford Crutchfield "Reveille" Mr. E. Mulford Crutchfield A. R. Crabtree Mrs. Rose E. Richey (RFD 5) Mrs. J. W. Reams "Osborne Turnpike) Mrs. Sylvester Llewellyn (7 Pines Road) Robert French, (Government Road) W. Jackson, (RFD 6) Mrs. Jessie L. Jackson (RFD 6) W. M. Milam (RFD 4) M. A. Palmer, RFD 3 Mrs. M. A. Palmer RFD 3 Mrs. Ella Hudson RFD 3 Mrs. W. Bruce RFD

J. B. Collier Mrs. Va. B. Austin, Rd 4 Mrs. F. E. Fowler, RD 3 Mrs. Annie Garland RD 5 Mrs. Chas. Attkisson Rd 5 Chastam Attkisson RD 5 Mrs. Wm. Jenkins RD 5 Mrs. R. P. McAnally RD 5 J. H. Garden RD 4 V. R. Bossieux RD 4 J. E. Hankins RD 2 Mrs. G. S. Machamber RD 5 James K. Williams RD 5 E. J. Wright RD 3 W. D. Wade RD 5 G. S. Machamber RD 5

[handwritten on side:] H. V. Attkisson RD 5 Mrs. R. E. Dunleavey R-D. 1 Mrs. W. J. Binford, RD 4 Mrs. J. W. Reams, RD 5 T. D. Blick , RD 5 J. B. Dorvole, RD 3