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Printed by James Lucas, Calvert street, - - Baltimore.

This [ineligible], made the 28th day of [ineligible] in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty three between OVERSEERS OF THE POOR of the County of AccoMack, of the one part, and [social?] [illegible] of the said County of accomack of the other part, witnesseth : That the said Edmund & Allen. Overseers of the Poor as aforesaid, acting with the allowance and approbation of the County Court of Accomack County, and in pursuance of an order of the said Court to that effect, made and entered on the 26th day of [illegible] - one thousand eight hundred and fifty three have put and bound, and do by these presents put and bind [illegible] Dennis - of the said County, {who has to be provided for and assisted by the Overseers of the said County,) and being of the age of seven years to be apprentice to the said [illegible] M [Bagureu?] to learn the trade, business and art of a house servant and with him to dwell and remain and serve until [the?] the said [illegible] Dennis shall attain to [illegible] full age of Eighteen years