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by the law, will be granted or refused, not according to the law and the facts, but the opinion of the Court as to the propriety or mispropriety of the law. But there is no appeal from the decision of the Court, save to the Legislature , and your petitioners humbly pray that a law may be pafsed permitting them to reside in the County of Warren in the [manner?] and upon the terms provided for in the act of 22nd March 1827-the facts alledged in the petition all appear from the [record?] of the court which accompanies it- Your petitioners will ever pray & Edward Henrietta Adam.

Petition of negroes Edward & others to reside in Warren County Petitions of negroes Edward & others free persons, of the county of Warren, praying the pafsage of a law permitting them to reside in said county, in the manner and upon the terms provided for in the act of 22d of March 1837 [illegible] Jany 4th 1838 refd to Cts J Jany 5 Rejected