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same person or persons pretending to be the heirs of his father William Simmons may attempt to rob him of that liberty which the said Daniel (the only person who has any [ille] of his service) wishes him to enjoy being [satisfied ?] for the purchase [illegible] by the services already rendered, and which his father by his will has entitled him to, your petitioner prays that his right to liberty may be declared by law that he may not be deprived of that right which [constitutes?] the [illegible] and that the wishes of his father may not be [defeated?] And in as much as laws have been passed, which would render the [illegible] of your petitioner in his state illegal, Since the time at which he would have been [illegible] in the service of the said Daniel for the price of his freedom although justly [deprived?] of the enjoyment of that [time?] your petitioner further prays that the laws which would prevent his [residence?] within this state may not be permitted to have an [illegible] which would be [illegible] as affecting his right previously existing and [illegible] he may be [illegible] to remain within his native state.