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Stafford County to wit -

Travers Daniel personally appeared before me one of the Commonwealth Justices in the sd. County & made Oath that sometime about the year 1798 or 1799, William Simmons, an old infirm whiteman applyed [applied] to him to advance some money for him to purchase a Boy by the Name of George Simmons, which he the sd. Simmons had begot on a woman slave belonging to Mr. Enoch Mason, & expressed a particular desire that the sd. Boy should be liberated & become a freeman when arrived at the age of 21 years & that He and his son, sd. Boy, would make him compensation by their Services, by the time the sd. Boy came of age, to gratify the old man (who I understood had no other children and never was married), I applyed [applied] to Mr. Mason to know if he would sell the sd. Boy, he appeared to be rather unwilling to part from Him, but when he understood that he was to be liberated when he came of age, he agreed to part with him & that I the sd. Daniel paid him the price he asked for him. The sd. Boy was delivered to the sd. Wm. Simmons & lived with him untill [until] he died, which happened about three years ago, since which time he has lived with me the sd. Daniel, who takes upon himself renumerated [remunerated] for the money advanced or so nearly so, that he is willing & wishes the Boy to have his liberty, as soon as he is of age. After the Death of the sd. Wm. Simmons, there was a will produced by Mr. Wm [illegible], a neighbor to sd. Simmons, & in the Hand writing of Mr. John Ford Clerk of the County (but not sign'd. by Simmons, neither is it as yet admitted to Record, where in the sd.Boy is left free by his Father.

Given under my Hand this 10th Day of December 1809 Travers Daniel, Jr.