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To the speaker and House of Delegates of the State of Virginia the Petition of Mary, a free black woman, late of the County of Stafford, respectfully represents. That in consequence of her fidelity and attachment to her late Mater, who died about 4 years ago, he devised to your petitioner by his last will and Testament, the sum of Twenty Dollars cash, three hundred pounds of pork, and three barrels of Indian corn to be paid her annually fro his estate during each, and every year of the life time of your Petitioner, and also bequeath to her a house and garden with an adequate supply of fire wood: at the same time leaving your petitioner free from slavery. Your petitioner was immediately advised that she could not enjoy her freedom under [then] laws, she has therefore since the death of her master spent a considerable portion of her time in the District of Columbia. Your petitioner further & respectfully represents that her husband and three children, reside in this state, and that the youngest of her children is ten years old. From the peculiarity of her case, her deportment and character, the adequate support left her by her master, which will ever prevent her in old age from being a charge to the County, your petitioner most confidently trusts, and hopes that she will be permitted to reside, and enjoy her freedom