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her husband, and three children, the youngest of whom is about ten years old, all reside in this State; and that from the age of the youngest, we are induced to believe that she will have no more children. We the undersigned further state that the estate of Mary's deceased master is perfectly competent to pay her this annuity of cash, pork, corn, & firewood, and that from this circumstance, there is no chance of her becoming a charge to the County, and therefore we cannot but express a hope that the Legislature will grant the prayer of the petition, from which we conceive no injury can arise to the County in which her property lies, or to the State. Oct. 19th 1813. Stafford County Va.

Wm. Brent, Jr. Daniel C. Brent Beniditt Cliffton Legatee of Mary's late master John Moncure Jn. Cooke George M. Cooke Benjn. Williams

Petition of Mary a free black woman.

Petition of Mary, a free black woman Decr. 9th 1813 refd. to Cts of JJ. reasonable Bill drawn