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Historical Records Survey 314 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia.

November 25/36

Miss Bernice Stahl, West Point, Virignia.

My dear Miss Stahl:-

In 1926 the Equal Suffrage League of Virginia presented to the State of Virginia all of its remaining banners and flags and these are now on display in the Capitol as articles of historic interest. Now we have the opportunity through the Historical Records Survey, a WPA project, of collecting and classifying for permanent preservation all available materials on woman suffrage in our State so that later a history of the movement can be written. We feel sure that you will contribute any items of interest or any data you may have or can get in connection with the work done for suffrage in King William. We are particularly anxious to get Minutes, samples of pamphlets or fliers or other printed matter including newspaper clippings, or information that workers may remember, etc. Short stories of certain meetings, or mention of outstanding speakers will not come amiss. In other words we want ANY items or information that will help to make as complete a history of the suffrage movement in Virginia as it is possible to make. Other names we have in King William County are Mrs. Charles Crosbey Thompson, Mrs. Thomas P. Bagby, Mrs. J.P. Williams, Mrs. Edwards, and Mrs. George F. Richardson. It may be that these names will help you to recall others who may give information regarding the work for suffrage in your vicinity. The West Point League reported 60 members, November 22, 1915. With the best of good wishes, and trusting you will give us all the aid possible in making out "Archives" full and explicit,

Sincerely yours,

Ida M Thompson Miss Ida M. Thompson, Research Worker, Historical Records Survey.

Dr. Lester J. Cappon, State Director.