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CLARKSVILLE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE, (Mecklenburg Co.) Formed June 23, 1916, with 30 members.

1916 June 23. Chairman Mrs. John T. Lewis, Clarksville, Va. Moved to Ashland, Va. Secretary Mrs.( D. P.) Vivian B. Wright, " (Box 212). Chairman Memb. Com. Mrs. G.B. Barrow,

Miss Beth Easley Miss Minnie Russell Miss Carrie Russell Miss Katherine Russell Mr. W. H. Russell Mrs. W. H. Russell Mr. H. M. Harris Mrs. H.M. Harris Miss Carrie Hamill Mrs. M. M. Fitzgerald Mr. J. W. Maxey Mrs. G. C. Maxey Mrs. Jas. Eugene Howerton Mrs. M. S. Howerton Mrs. A. L. Rennie Mrs. W. W. Barnhart Mr. R. C. Vaughan Miss Elsie Farley Mr. R. B. Turner Mr. J. J. Ligon Miss Mary Lucke Stegal Dr. G. B. Barrow Mrs. Robert Easley Miss Pattie Taylor Florence P. Wells Mrs. E. W. Wells