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Annis...plt. vs. Caleb Bradford..Deft. } In T.A. By Etc.

The deposition of Mary Buck aged about 78 or 79 years being first duly sworn deposeth and saith

That when she the deponent was a small girl she remembers to have known a woman of the name of Mary, who was the reputed Wife of a certain Peter Major, both of whom were Indians. That at the time this deponent knew the said Mary she the sd [said] Mary appeared to be a very old Woman. She and her sd [said] Husband lived together at that time as free people. The deponent also saith that after the death of her father, a certain Richard Bayly who lived on Cradock, this deponent who was then a small girl was moved from that neighbourhood where sd [said] Mary & her husband Peter Major then lived, after which time this deponent does not remember to have seen sd [said] Mary nor does she know how long sd [said] Mary lived afterwards or anything about the time of her death. The deponent does not remember whether sd [said] Mary's head was grey when she knew her. She also saith that Lucy a woman held by Mitchell Scarburgh had a Son who from his size and appearance she supposes was older than either of the deponents' brothers who were older than the deponent; a certain George Russell was the son of sd [said] Lucy; but she does not know that Lucy was the daughter of sd [said] Mary and further saith not. Mary + (her mark) Buck

Taken and sworn in presence of the attornies of the parties by virtue of the annext Commission at the last Shift on Saturday 17th of April 1802 John B. Upshor Levi Hutchinson &copy Teste W. Russell C.D.C.W.