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Candidates for Nomination to the Executive Council Clay Ward Mrs. T.C. Gordon " Ernest Mead. " Ordway Puller " James Page " Charles W. Harwood Mrs. B.F. Dew " Robert Pollard " D. Miles Taylor [Alice Overbey Taylor] " George Harrington " Charles Winston

JEFFERSON WARD. Mrs. F. L. Williams. " Roland Garrett. " George Smithey. Miss M. Jennie Jones. Mrs. Mason Smith " J. J. Wicker Jr.

Madison Ward. Mrs. F. G. Hill. " Allison Addison. " John C. Robertson. " Kate Pleasants Minor " S. M. [Block?]. " L Mrs. John Hart. " P. J. Kernodle. " Eula Young Morrrison. Miss Agnes Randolph. " Page Snellings.

LEE WARD. Mrs. John G. Munce. " W. S. McNeill. " Barton Wise. " Milton Marcuse. " A. Greenwald. " J. Gordon Smith Mrs. James J. Pollard. " Randolph Maynard. " Henry Fields. " Meade Addison. Miss Helen Christian.

AT LARGE. Mrs. Carter Wormeley. " John Armistead. " J. F. Cox. Miss Vera Palmer. Mrs. Josephine Houston. " Minnie Thalhimer Livingston. Miss Mary Frayser. Mrs. S. T. Clover " Thomas W. Murrell. " W. W. Gill " Clarence Cadot " John Hampden Chamberlayne Miss Alice Dooley " Donna Sheahan

[handwritten beneath:] Mrs. Benj. Crump " Stuart Michaux Mrs. J. S. McRae Mrs. W.P. Adkins Chm Woman Citizen Miss Helen Stockdell State Ch.