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Report of the Executive Secretary for Executive Council Meeting, of the Richmond league, August, 13, '18.

Bulletins from the National Association which were read and acted upon at the previous meeting of the executive council of the Richmond League, bearing upon a campaign for enrollments, have been incorporated into a bulletin from Headquarters and sent to 195 chairmen and prominent members of the State league, and the response has been encouraging. This is mentioned in a Richmond report as being of interest to the Richmond League in view of its action on this subject already taken.

Mrs. John H. Lewis of Lynchberg, acting-president of the State League, during Mrs. Valentine's enforced rest, has sent out to the members of the executive council of the state league, a letter for action by them upon the matter of enrollments throughout the State, and upon Virginia's formal entrance into the contest for one of the prizes for completion of the state's quota of enrollments of women's names. Up-to-date, the replies have not all been relieved. Press work for the month has been confirmed principally to the state, and consits mostly of data bearing upon the passage of the federal suffrage amendment by the Senate. Respectfully submitted, Edith Clark Cowles, Executive Secretary.