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The report of the executive secretary having been substituted at the April meeting of the executive for the reading of Mrs. Lewis' report from the St. Louis Convention, the present report will cover briefly the work at Headquarters for the Richmond League since the March meeting of the executive council. General Work: Cooperation with the committee at work the Times-Dispatch Food Saving Exposition by securing workers and assigning hours for the week of the Exposition. Cooperation with the League's general chairman for the Victory Liberty Loan by securing and receiving subscriptions at Headquarters, and by arranging for special workers at feature demonstrations, etc.

Upon request of the Bi-County organization of the W.C.T.U., a committee was appointed to represent the League at the W.C.T.U. meeting at Broad Street Methodist Church on May, 1, to hear Mrs. Deborah Knox Livingston. Officers of the Richmond League were requested, if possible to hear Mrs. Taft on the League of Nations.

Several ministers have been requested to refer in their Mothers' Day sermons to mother's work and needed interest in civic and national governmental affairs.

We have been exceptionally fortunate in securing attractive and interesting speakers for our program this season. Speakers heard since the March Board meeting are: Miss Lou Belle Catesby Jones, reading Rev. Robert Norwood's poems. Miss Margaret Prescott Montague on "Reaping the Whirlwind". Anti-suffrage addresses on April Fools' Day, by our members. Dr. Anna von Sholly of New York, on Social Hygiene. Dr. von Shelly also answered questions as to her work with the Women's Overseas Hospitals. Miss helen Stockdell on "The Gentle Art of Public Speaking", (Out of this speech, and the goodness of Miss Stockdell's heart has developed a class in public speaking, which meets at Headquarters every Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock, and is perfectly to members of the League and special guests.) On April 29, four members of the Equal Suffrage League of Westhampton College, addressed the Richmond League on "The College Woman's Opportunity in Reconstruction": Miss Sally Adkisson on "The Little School House", Miss Julia Spratley on "Clean up or Clear Up," Miss [Lita?] White on "Doctor Up or Prevent", Miss Frances Woodson on "Miss Immigrant"