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COPY OF RESOLUTIONS UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED BY THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OF THE EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF RICHMOND ON NOVEMBER, 12, 1918 ----ITS FIRST MEETING FOLLOWING THE SIGNING OF THE ARMISTICE BY GERMANY. (The resolution was offered jointly by Mrs. G. Harvey Clarke, Chairman of political study and research for the State League, and by Mrs. B.B. Valentine, president of the State League, Mr.s Kate Langley Bosher, 1st vice-president of the Richmond League, presiding.)


'Whereas, the greatest war in history, just brought to be successful conclusion, vindicates the principles of human liberty for which it was fought, and, "Whereas, this hour of triumph ushers in a new order wherein is founded 'a universal dominion of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself free', and, "Whereas, in this future concert of people not only are the victorious allies of America truly free, in that they have freed their women, or stand pledged to do so, but even the defeated nations are embodying woman suffrage in their new constitutions. "Therefore, be it resolved, That the Equal Suffrage League of Richmond, rejoicing in the victory of the great principles of democracy, and hoping for its extension at home, respectfully requests Senator Thomas E. Martin and Senator Claude A. Swanson, of Virginia, to reconsider their recent vote on woman suffrage, and to vote to submit to the several Sates the amendment to the Constitution enfranchising the women of the United States of America.

(Copies of the above resolution were sent on November 13th 1918 to the two Virginia Senators.)