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Members E.S. league - Richmond. EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with mean. (I have not signed a similar statement) WOMEN NAME ADDRESS Mrs. H.C. Clarke 1716 Virginia Ave. Mrs. Heath C. Clarke 611 Noble Ave. Miss A. Clark 3 E Grace. Mis. C.S. Clayton 8 W Franklin Mrs. N.W. Cleaton 1201 - 4th Ave. Mrs. J. Claudon 104 - 4th Ave. Mrs. S.J. Clover 1913 Grove Ave. Miss E. Cocke 3 E Main Mrs. J.O. Cofer Barton Height Miss O.V. Coffer 2410 Studio Ave. Mrs. J.A. Cake, Jr. 7 W. Franklin Mrs. W. B.L. Coleman 721 Harth Ave. Mrs. C.H. Calline 407 Va. Ave. Mrs. E. L. Callines 2322 W. Grace Mrs. J.J. Callines 2210 Park Ave. Miss L.H. Callines 2322 W. Grace Miss W. M. Callines 507 Va Ave. Miss J.A. Cornwelly 2615 Hauner Mrs. Chas. Caskel 1023 W Grace Mrs. J. B. Caske 1115 Barton Ave. Miss P.V. Couraded 718 Edgewood Ave. Miss A.L. Coustable "The Hauswer" Mrs. B.F. Cappage 1517 North Ave. Miss J.E. Cornick 610 Bacon Road. Mrs. Auderson Cosby Highland Park. I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THESE SIGNATURES ARE GENUINE. Name----------------------------- Address------------------------------------- WHEN FILLED AND SIGNED, PLEASE RETURN THIS LIST TO EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA HEADQUARTERS, 100 NORTH FOURTH STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)