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Members E.S. League - Richmond EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women NAME copy ADDRESS 1 Mrs. M. G. Gordon 18 W. Franklin 2 Mrs. Aur Gover 418 Chamberlayne 3 Mrs. L. Grant 900 W. Broad 4 Mrs. W.A. Gray 3004 Kensington 5 Mrs. J.Y. Green 502 Va. ave 6 Mrs. E. Greene 507 Miller 7 Mrs. W.E. Greene 211 W. Grace 8 Miss H.B. Gresham 919 W. Grace 9 Mrs. W.W. Gresham 700 North Ave. 10 Miss E. Gingon 8 N. Laurel 11 Miss C.C. Grymes 1616 W. Grace 12 Mrs. W.C.Griffin 406 W. Marshall 13 Miss E.J. Griffin Memorial Hosp. 14 Mrs. J.A. Griggs 1109 West Ave. 15 Miss L Grald 1017 W. Grace 16 Mrs G.S. Guy 100 W. Franklin 17 Mrs. W.C. Guvemater 7 E. Marshall 18 Mrs. A.P. Gagge 320 Grace 19 Mrs. C.F.L. Hutchinson 1834 W. Grace 20 Mrs. L.G. Hutcheson Jefferson Hotel 21 Mrs. M.S.L. Hutton 1630 Park Ave. 22 Mrs. C.H.Habliston Gresham Ct. 23 Miss E Halleran 507 Va. Ave. 24 Mrs L.B. Hauberlin 819 W. Grace 25 Mrs. Alain Hall 912 Montrose I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THESE SIGNATURES ARE GENUINE Name________________ Address__________________ WHEN FILLED AND SIGNED, PLEASE RETURN THIS LIST TO EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE OF VIRGINIA HEADQUARTERS, 100 NORTH FOURTH STREET RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.) [oval seal with the wording ALLIED PRINTING TRADE UNION COUNCIL]