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Members Equal Suffrage League of Richmond. Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Women Name Address 1. Miss May Bailey 608 N 24th St Woodland Heights 2. Miss Minnie Byers 11n 11th St 3. Mrs. Howard P. Bayly 1426 Bainbridge St. 4. Mrs. C. D. Brooking 114 E 12th St 5. Mrs. Nellie B. Bannister 312 E Cary 6. Mrs. L. M. Bailey 404 N 12th St. 7. Mrs. Wesley Baker Moved away 8. Mrs. J. W. Brockman 1429 Bainbridge St. 9. Mrs. E. L. Bass 1427 Porter St. 10. Mrs. Hunter V. Baldwin 1200 Porter St. 11. Miss Margaret Baldwin 1200 Porter St. 12. Mrs. O. E. Bugg 207 E Marshall St. 13. Mrs. F. W. Bass 1422 Bainbridge St. 14. Mrs. Florence Butler 607 W 27th St. 15. Miss Jeannette Bryce 4 E. Clay St. 16. Louise Bryce 4 E. Clay St. 17. Miss Anne Va. Bennett 19 N 5th St. 18. Mrs. Henry Eagleton 19. Mrs. S. F. Edwards 207 E 12th St. 20. Mrs. P. H. Ellett 810 E. Leigh St. 21. Mrs. M. P. Elliott 617 E. Leigh 22. Marguerite Elmore 514 N 9th St 23. Mrs. Richard T. Ely 24. Mrs. Ellis Edenton 1322 Porter St. 25. Mrs. Henry Eagleton 2107 Hull St. I hereby certify that these signatures are genuine. Name Address When filled and signed, please return this list to Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Headquarters, 100 North Fourth Street, Richmond, Virginia. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)