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Members Equal Suffrage League of Richmond. Equal Suffrage League of Virginia. I, the undersigned, believe that the Vote should be given to the Women of Virginia on equal terms with Men. (I have not signed a similar statement.) Men Name Copy Address 1. G. W. Morris 216 E. Grace St. 2. Dr. A. L. Martin Highland Park 3. W. H. Mullen 306 E. Main St. 4. E. M. Maitland So. Richmond 5. Clinton D. Marshall 516 N 7th St. 6. Prof. M. A. Martin Women's College 7. J. O. Morris 14 N 3rd St. 8. Norton Mason (Dr.) City 9. Jess Michaels 116 1/2 E Canal 10. Dr. J. T. Mastin Library Bldg 11. C. L. McKinney 204 E Franklin 12. Wds. M. Moseley 1309 Porter St. 13. C. H. Money 15 N 10th St 14. George H. Moore 602 E. Grace 15. A. B. Mann 2901 Stonewall So Rd 16. F. E. Mitchell 507 N 24th St 17. T. E. McNichol 410 N 14th St 18. W. P. Neblett 122 E 12th St. 19. Isaac B. Nay 301 E Marshall 20. J. S. L. Owen 9 North 6th St 21. Joesph B. Owens 1403 Porter St. 22. K. F. Pearsall 501 Fifth Ave. 23. W. D. Proper 4012 Main St. 24. M. J. Puryear 115 So 3rd St 25. R. W. Perkins 111 N. 3rd St. I hereby certify that these signatures are genuine. Name Address When filled and signed, please return this list to Equal Suffrage League of Virginia Headquarters, 100 North Fourth Street, Richmond, Virginia. (Please keep a copy of this list on file at your local league.)