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Lee, Charles P. 2215 W Grace St. Richmond-Va. Lee, Mrs Chas. P. 2215 W Grace St. Richmond-Va. Lee, Dallas Chesterman 1611 W Grace St. Richmond-Va. Lee, Miss Julia A.M. 300 East Franklin St. Richmond-Va. Lee, Mrs. L.M. Barton Heights, Richmond-Va. Lee, Mrs. Sallie Jane 405 E Grace St. Richmond-Va. Leftwich, Miss C.S. REMOVED Leidy, Mrs. W.E. 2820 E Franklin St. Richmond-Va. Levey, Mrs. E.C. 216 Shafer St. Richmond-Va. Lewis, Mrs. W.T. 401 E Main St. Richmond-Va. Leslie, J.A. Tazewell, Va. Lewis, Miss Annie REMOVED Lewis, Miss Louise 305 W Franklin St. Richmond-Va. Lewis, Mr. Botts Clifton Forge, Va. Richmond-Va. Lewis, Mrs. Botts Clifton Forge, Va. Lewis, Miss Mary L Sweet Springs, Va Lewis, Mrs Wm. L. Sweet Springs, Va Lincoln, Mrs. J.J. Wakefield, Va. Lindsey, Mrs. E.L. 522 N 10th St. Richmond-Va. Lipscomb, Mr. P.D. 2014 Grove Ave. Richmond-Va. Llewellyn, Mrs. Sylvester, 7 Pines Road, Richmond-Va. Lloyd, Mrs. Ida B. 103 East 10th St. South Richmond-Va. Lloyd, Mark, 103 East 10th St. South Richmond-Va. Lloyd, Mrs. W. Vaughan 520 N 9th St. Richmond-Va. Long, Chas. S. - Longhead, Miss B. 1119 Floyd Ave. Richmond-Va. Loomis, Mrs. Burton The Shenandoah Richmond-Va. Loomis, Mrs. Effie Puller 301 E Franklin St. Richmond-Va. Lowry, M.L 519 N 9th St. Richmond-Va. Lucas, Miss Ida Jean St. Elizabeth's Hosp. Richmond-Va. Luttrell, Miss Willie 915 E Leigh St. Richmond-Va. Lyons, Miss Mary Gresham Court, Richmond-Va. Lyons, Miss Rosalie, 411 W Main St. Richmond-Va. Lyons, W. Semmes Ave, Richmond-Va. Lewis Gertrude Maxton 305 West Franklin, Richmond-Va. [Lowrie?], Mr H.[or W?]S. 409 N. 27th St. Richmond-Va (Union man) McAdam, W.W. South Hill, Va. McCable, Mrs. Mabel 520 North 10th St. Richmond-Va. McCarthy, Mrs. E.S. Strasburg, Va. McClellan, Mrs.Mary D. 2340 Monument Ave. Richmond-Va. McCluer, Rev. E.B. Bon Air, Va. McClung, Miss Mary, 302 W.Franklin St. Richmond-Va. McComb, Miss Fannie Waynesboro, Va McCrae, G.S. Mr & Mrs City. South Richmond 404 W. 12th St. McCue, B. Taylor 2004 Grove Ave. Richmond-Va. McDaniel, Mrs. Florence, 628 South Pine St. Richmond-Va. MacDonald, Elsie Sheltering Arms Hosp. McFarland, Maxie B. Hamilton, Loudoun Co. Va. McMillan, Mrs. W.E. 2114 Floyd Ave. Richmond-Va. McRae, Mrs. G.S. 404 W. 12th St. South Richmond Macfarland, Mrs. Rosa 311 So. 4th St. Richmond-Va. McGurly, Mrs. A. 412 West Clay St. Richmond-Va. (12)