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OFFICE OF NAVAL OFFICER PROCUREMENT P14-1 (9374) (Col-mr) (401) 1320 G Street, N.W.

                                        Washington, D.C.

Mr. Billy Lewin Hottle Toms Brook, Virginia [stamped]: NOV 6 1942 Dear Sir: Your application for a commission in the U.S. Naval Reserve has been forwarded this date to the Navy Department for final consideration.

Until the Navy Department has taken action on your application, this office will be unable to furnish any information with respect thereto. In the meantime, it will be appreciated if you would refrain from calling this office regarding the status of your application. As soon as this office is advised of the Department's action you will be informed.

Yours very truly, O.J. Gullickson [signature] O.J. Gullickson, Lieut. Comdr., USN, Retired, Director