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NOTICE OF CLASSIFICATION Registrant Billy Lewis Hottle Order No. 11,053 has been classified in Class 1A (Until (Insert Date for Class II-A and II-B only) , 19__) by X Local Board

     ○ Board of Appeal (by vote of ____ to ____)

_____________(Date of mailing), 19____ JS Calvert

                                                                    Member of Local Board.

NOTICE OF RIGHT TO APPEAL Appeal from classification by local board or board of appeal must be made by signing form on back of questionnaire at office of local board, or by filing written notice of appeal, within ten days after the mailing of this notice. Before appeal, a registrant may file a written request for appearance within the same ten-day period; and, if he does so, the local board will fix a day and notify him to appear personally before the local board; if this is done, the time to appeal is extended to ten days beyond the day set by the local board for such appearance. There is a right in certain dependency cases, of appeal from appeal board decision to the President; see Selective Service Regulations. The law requires you --To keep in touch with your local board. To notify it of any change of address. To notify it of any fact which might change classification. D.S.S. Form 57 (Rev. 4-13-42) 16--19071-1 U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE