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Print the complete address in plain block letters to the panel below, and your return address in the space provided. Use typewriter, dark ink, or pencil. Write plainly. Very small writing is not suitable. No.______ [CENSOR'S STAMP] To Mr. & Mrs Cecil Smith

   Toms Brook

From Pfc. B.L. Hottle 333371.

       Btry C. 99F A.B.[illegible]
       A.P.O. 201 010 P.M.
      San Francisco, Cal.
      Feb. 23, 1943

Dear Smiths & Cosbills

    I'm still going - but getting along O.K.  Some days it's rough and some times we don't do any thing.  Right now the fighter planes are swarming around over my head so thick - I can't hear myself talk.  Most of them are doing Victory Roles [Rolls] and that's what we like to see.
   I've lost a lot of weight lately but I still feel good all the time.  Haven't had a sick headache for 2 or 3 months.
   Wish I was back there in some of that snow -- it's getting hotter here every day, but it hasn't been raining quite as much.
   I'm going to try to have some more pictures sent home like I did the last bunch, so if you all want any -- tell daddy to have some reprints made.  Sorry I can't send them myself.  Write when you can.  

P.S. If you ever see [Rainey?] Tell her to write. Love to you all Billy V...-MAIL