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[ILLEGIBLE] the complete address in plain block letters in the panel below, and your return address in the space provided. Use typewriter, dark ink, or pencil. Write plainly. Very small writing is not suitable. [empty space] CENSOR'S STAMP

To Mrs. Cecil Smith

   Toms Brook

From T/5 B.L. Hottle 33537154 (Sender's name) Btry. C 99th F.A.Bn. (Sender's Address) A.P.O. 201 c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif. April 11, 1944 (Date)

Dear Ka Ka --

    I suppose the Hottle's have already told you that I'm in the Admiralty Islands, and now that things are cooling off, I'll try to get caught up on my correspondence.  Things were pretty rough at times, and some of these nites will really scare the hell out of you, but I came through without a scratch -- am having a little ear trouble -- my left one --- a little swollen up and deaf, but the doc says it'll be O.K. soon.  We're living in a coconut plantation now, on a little island, and it'll really be O.K. when we get it all cleaned up.
   I'm not positive, but I think maybe I'll get a furlough to Sydney pretty soon, and if I do I'll probably raise a bit of hell -- I should have a good time, and if I go I'm going to look up Hubert's uncle, or his cousins -- and I don't think I'll have any trouble finding them.
  I guess Joe HInes hit a pretty hot spot too, and I'm glad he came thru O.K.  -- I knew he could do it.  Write when you can and I'll be seein' you. 

Love Billy V...--MAIL