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Use typewriter, dark ink, or pencil. Write plainly. Very small writing is not suitable.

No ______ [empty space] (CENSOR'S STAMP) Mrs. Cecil Smith Toms Brook Virginia

T/5 Bill Hottle [33537154?] (SENDER'S NAME) Btry C 99 FA Bn (SENDER'S ADDRESS) APO 201 c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif. May 23, 1944 (DATE)

Dear Ka Ka, We're having a USO show tonite -- with women -- but I can't go, because I'm charge of Quarters -- so I'll write you. It's still hot as blazes here, but we're supposed to start getting some afternoons off again soon, so maybe we'll get cooled off a little. I don't know how those pictures are going to be that I have coming, but I informed daddy to have somemade for you. My ear is pretty good but am still having the same trouble as before -- Keep it under your hat. I guess [Tee?] and Cookie are really growing up and now that it's getting warm at home I'll bet they have a big time playing out doors. Is Virgie still spoiling them? All of you be good and thanks for writing so much. You're my favorite cousins and I really look forward to your letters. Love. Bill [graphic of eagle] I WILL PROTECT MY COUNTRY MY FAMILY BUY WAR BONDS V-MAIL