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PROGRAMME 1914 Thursday, January 8th "Women Workers in Political Parties" Mrs. Kate Langley Bosher

Thursday, January 15th "Woman and Motherhood" Mrs. Archer Jones

Thursday, January 22nd "Woman and Her Home" Mrs. John Hart

Thursday, January 29th "The Government of our City -- Our Community Home" Mayor Ainslee

Thursday, February 5th The Need of Policewomen Mrs. Alice L. Wells, Los Angeles, California

Thursday, February 12th Hearing before Legislature in House of Delegates

Thursday, February 19th "Woman Suffrage and Organized Opposition -- Liquor Interest, White Slavers and the Anti-Suffragists Mrs. W. M. Bickers

Thursday, February 26th Our Western Sisters Ella Flagg, Josephine Preston and Harriet Treadwell

Thursday, March 5th "Woman and Social Purity" Dr. Thomas W. Murrell

Thursday, March 12th "Social Unrest and Woman's Part in It" Mrs. E. E. Osgood

Thursday, March 19th "Woman and Chivalry. Is Chivalry a Substitute for Justice? Mrs. William E. Harris

Thursday, March 26th "Woman's Subjection According to St. Paul Dr. Edward B. Pollard

Thursday, April 2nd "Woman and Education -- Woman's Help in Needed Legislation" Dr. J. A. C. Chandler

Thursday, April 9th "Welfare Legislation of the General Assembly of 1914" Hon. Lewis H. Machen

Thursday, April 16th "Offenses Against the Little Ones" Miss Webb and Miss Johnston

Thursday, April 23rd "Some New Phases of Philanthropy" Dr. J.T. Mastin, State Board of Charities

Thursday, April 30th "What Will She Do With It?" Mrs. Alice O. Taylor "Give the Women a Chance" Mrs. Frank L. Jobson

Thursday, May 7th "Laws of Virginia Concerning Women Compared with those of Suffrage States" Miss Adele Clarke

Thursday, May 14th "Race Poisons" Dr. Margaret Kuyk

Thursday, May 21st Problems of Our City home Round Table Conducted by Social Workers