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Equal Suffrage To one who is familiar with the usual argument both for and against Equal Suffrage, it is apparent that the world seems unable to decide whether the movement betokens a great mutual awakening or a stupendous moral retrogression! According to those who favor it, its adoption would mean not only the abolition of a great injustice to half the population, but also the ushering in of an era of undreamed of mental and moral development in the world of Woman, while its opponents are equally positive that only irreparable and universal injury could result. Let us see to which view a brief survey of the leading arguments on both sides persuades us. As perhaps everyone is aware the Equal Suffragists have taken up the old war-cry of the Revolution, "Taxation without representation is tyranny," and have endeavored to apply this to their own cause, maintaining that England's taxation of her unrepresented American colonies did not constitute tyranny nearly so much as does the act of American men of to-day who withhold the right of suffrage from one-half of the entire population although