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Staunton List sent by Mrs. King. August 1927. Staunton, Va.-- Mrs. W. W King, "The Kalorama" Mrs. J. F. Cassell, Augusta St. Mrs. R. E. R. Nelson, E. Beverley St. Miss Nellie Palmer, N. Lewis St. Mrs. Kate Stout, Coalter st. Miss D. B Graves, N. Lewis St. Miss Lucy Catlett, Vine St. Mrs. L. C. Ware, Beverley Hotel Mrs. G. M. Crawford, N. Lewos St. Mrs. J. W. Mohlor, Fayette St. Mrs. R. D Haislip, Sherwood Av. Mrs. Herbert McK. Smith, College Park. Mrs. H. H. Henkel, N. Augusta St. Mr. C. R. Caldwell, E. Beverley St. Mr. H. C. Gibson, Fayette St. Mr..J. J. Prufer, W. Beverley St Mr. R. R. [illegible] Heydenrich, Frederick St.

East[East Cleveland]---------------------------------------

Mrs. J. N. Sublett, 1868 Chapman Av., Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Jacob Yest, Webster St.,Pale Aite, Celif. In sending this list, Mrs. King says:- "The members of our old suffrage league are scattered to the four corners of the earth, and the names on this sheet represent the total of addresses I am able to locate."